Do your children deserve better?

CustodyZen has a myriad of tools for divorced or separated parents, that enables them to communicate and raise their children together, in a way that reduces conflict, and results in much happier children.

Give CustodyZen a chance with a no-risk, free trail, and discover a much better way to handle shared custody.

CustodyZen can help with high-conflict parenting

When co-parents cannot get Save co-parents money in legal fees past their own emotions when dealing with issues related to their children, the children suffer in the end. Taking a different approach to how you communicate just may be the answer to your co-parenting conflict. By communicating online via, co-parents can often avoid most of the triggers like tone-of-voice or body language, that often instigate an argument.

The most common reason that divorced or separated parents end up in court is ineffective communication. CustodyZen enhances effective communication by keeping you in a frame of mind that the children must come first. By doing this, and keeping most of the parenting discussions online, you are significantly less likely to argue and end up in court. The cost of just one hour of legal fees from a family law attorney can cover a full year's subscription to CustodyZen.

Coordinate custody exchanges

The CustodyZen custody exchange calendar allows co-parents to see and interact with their co-parenting exchanges. It is extremely easy to set a schedule, add holidays, set events, swap days or weekends, and much more. The CustodyZen custody calendar is designed to let both parents make changes and see what days, times, and exchange locations they will be having so they are always aware of their parenting times.

Set standardized guidelines

Trying to raise the same children in two different households, lends itself to issues where one parent does things one way, while the other does things another. This is normal, but it is also a common cause of conflict. While co-parents cannot be expected to do everything the same, it is better that they do standardize some rules and goals when possible. The Guidelines section in CustodyZen allows co-parents to do exactly that.

Create a better parenting plan

A parenting plan is one of the most important documents that divorced or separated parents have. It sets rules and expectations on how to handle a variety of issues with regard to each co-parent's role as mother or father. CustodyZen funnels discussions to guidelines, and guidelines to part of the parenting plan, so you are efficiently and effortlessly updating it as your children grow.