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   What is a child custody plan?

   A child custody plan is a legally binding agreement that designates the the type of custody arrangement and custody schedule between two divorcing parents.  A child custody plan may be imposed by the court when two divorcing parents can not reach an agreement.  Many parents, however, reach agreement with the support of a neutral third party and mediation.


   Best interest of the children

   When considering a child custody plan the primary focus of the court and hopefully between two divorcing parents, is what is in the best interest of the child or children.  A child custody plan ideally attempts to tailor the custody arrangement to the unique aspects of each family.   Factors to consider include: 


  •        The home environment best suited for the children
  •        Extended family's location
  •        The child's relationship with each parent
  •         Distance of parents from one another


   What are different types of child custody?

   A child custody plan will account for the types of child custody depending on the situation.  If amicable, divorced couples may agree on a specfic custody arrangement such as joint custody.  However, if agreement can not be reached the family court will determine the child custody plan and base the type of custody arrangement on what is seen as in the best interest of the child/children standard. 


   A basic starting point is to consider who will have physical custody and legal custody.  Physical custody refers to with whom the children will reside while legal custody is the authority given to a parent to make important decisions regarding the children's development i.e. which school, spiritual or relgious practice, health care.  


   When discussing different types of custody, parents need to determine between physical joint custody and sole custody.   Hopefully, joint custody is possible or can be a goal.  With joint custody a variety of custody schedules can be explored where time may or may not be equal depending on what parents agree upon. 


Creating a child custody plan when in mediation. Exploring different types of custody arrangements that work with your family situation. Considering different factors when creating a child custody plan.
Child custody parenting plan.
The law offices of Susan L Ward LLC outline a FAQ regarding a child cusotdy plans and custody matters.


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