The Post-Divorce-Parenting Glossary

Divorced-Parenting Term

Supervised visitation

   When divorced or separated parents are in a high-conflict relationship, supervised visitation may result.  As the name implies, supervised visitation is visitation that is overseen by another adult.  The idea is to protect children from potentially dangerous scenarios, but still permit visitation by the non-custodial parent.
   Typically, courts will recognize that a parent still has a right to their children, even if that parent has been questioned about his or her behavior or conduct with the children.
   Supervised visitation could be direct, one-on-one supervision or group supervision.  The custody exchanges could also be supervised in the form of a neutral or monitored exchange.

   Supervised or monitored visitation can also be an effective method to use if a child has a difficult time visiting the non-custodial parent due to parental alienation syndrome.

custody exchange, supervised, visitation, monitored, high conflict, parental alienation

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