Welcome to - the website that helps you solve the stresses that divorced or separated parents deal with by removing much of the verbal communication and taking it online.

Most of the arguing that divorced parents go through are triggered by three things:

  1. Verbal triggers
  2. Lack of cooperation
  3. Lack of organization

You sign up for CustodyZen. This is free to do. No risk at all. You invite the other parent. We make it so you do not need to invite the other parent until you have a chance to explore the site and benefits yourself. We know you need to be You enjoy a less stressful parenting relationship.

CustodyZen has the online tools that divorced parents need to stay organized, reduce stress, share what needs to be shared, and communicate without arguing. In other words, it can help solve all of the likely cause to why you might argue with your former parter. Imaging that. A life where you are organized and don't argue or feel stress regarding your divorced relationship.

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