The Post-Divorce-Parenting Glossary

Divorced-Parenting Term

Child Custody Rights

   What do child custody rights entail?

   Child custody rights refer to the legal guidelines that exist between a child and their parents, which govern the parental rights of each parent to make decisions about the child.  Child custody rights are laws that have been put in place to safeguard the interests of the child.  Family law typically attempts to place the child with the parent or parents that seem most capable of raising the child with the child's best interests.
   Child custody rights attempt to consider the child's needs such as a good education, health care, emotional support, and where the child will be most comfortable. The age of the child is also a very important factor in helping a family court decide where the child will live.
   This decision is arrived at by the court after extensive research and deliberation by the court.  The welfare checklist is the major consideration of the court.

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