The Post-Divorce-Parenting Glossary

Divorced-Parenting Term

Shared parenting

   Shared parenting entails a collaborative relationship between divorced or separated parents so that both play an active role in the parenting of their children.  Shared parenting, therefore, typically refers to a joint custody arrangement. The trend of the courts as well as society has been moving away from a sole custody arrangement toward children having a consistent relationship with both parents after divorce or separation.   Another concept underlying shared parenting is the belief that both parents, not only should want to raise their children, but have an inherent parental responsibility to take an active role in the rearing of their children.  
Wikipedia defines shared parenting.
Shared parenting has often been seen synonomous with joint custody. However, some descrepancies may exist. Generally, shared parenting both parents, after a divorce, agreeing to take an active role in the parenting of their children.


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